What We Accept

EPS (Expanded Polystyrene) Guidelines


Your material must be:

  • Clean
  • Dry
  • Free of all tape and any labels so it does not contaminate the recycle process.
  • Please bag your peanuts separately for drop off
  • No contaminated material accepted.
  • We will accept any amount, large or small. Sorry, no hot tub covers, please.


To Identify Your Foam:

  • Look for the #6 or EPS inside the recycle symbol
  • Bend the material - it should break and snap with loose beads


Polystyrene Examples:

Clean Styrofoam

Polystyrene Example

Clean Takeout

rec material10

Clean Polyethylene

Polystyrene Example

Clean Shipping Coolers

rec material6

Clean Styrofoam Sheets

rec material5


Other Materials We Accept:

Packing Peanuts (in bags or boxes please)

Cardboard (flatten boxes please)

Clear bubble wrap


Clear plastic wrapping (Clean & dry material only)



For examples of what we do not accept, please click here.